Doggone It!

This t-shirt came with a beautiful embroidered dog image. However, even though the large dog in the before picture has the detail, the lettering and smaller dog compete with it because they are in colour. So I painted the large dog to make it stand out. This sharpened the focal point, and the embroidery remains to give texture and detail. Notice how the camera now identifies the white from the gray better in the second photograph, shot in the same location.
 (My apologies to papillon breeders for not defining the 'butterfly' markings distinctly)

Get A Handle On Things

Changes don't need to be expensive to make a noticeable difference. The area around handles and knobs can become worn or dirty, and fixtures themselves can date a property due to the materials and styles used. Simply changing the handles, and cleaning up fingerprints can give cupboards and closets a refreshed look. Changes like these deliver a good return for a small investment.


Thing Are Looking Up!

Ceilings can be damaged by a number of causes. Buyers will be wary of damage because water stains could reveal structural problems with the roof, and unsightly cracking means work to repair it. Therefore it is best to address ceiling problems yourself so they are not an issue when selling. Special primer may be required to seal and kill areas if mold has grown. Here are before and after photos that show ceiling improvements from various conditions.

Before: Cracked paint on ceiling tile and a dirty, rusty fan cover.
After: Ceiling sanded, fan cover cleaned, and both repainted.

Before: Ceiling discoloured where cupboards
were removed.
After: Holes filled and ceiling repainted.

Before: Signs of water damage on the ceiling.
The roof was repaired, but this damage
could concern a buyer.
After: Repainted ceiling conceals signs of past water damage.