Say Cheese!

Family photos are very meaningful, and people display them to personalize their homes. A common question when selling is whether to leave family photos displayed. Will they add a positive personal touch? Buyers need to imagine themselves living in your home, and photos of unfamiliar people may make them feel like visitors. So to help them picture themselves in your place, prepack the family photos to enjoy in your next home.

Family photos can be fun, but are not usually for staging.


Curb Appeal Draws Buyers

Curb appeal refers to the way your house looks when you first arrive and view it from the "curb". This first impression is important because buyers draw conclusions from the minute they arrive. Paint is one way to change the exterior of a house, but it is a big investment. To help select colours, Little City Staging uses photo technology to preview how various changes improve the curb appeal of your home. Simple changes can make a huge difference through the use of colour and focal points, resulting in a faster, more profitable sale.
Before: It can be difficult to picture how a change will look.
After: A color change updates the exterior and the focal appeal of the door is improved.
Little City Staging shows in advance how changes could improve your curb appeal.