A Pane in the Glass

Windows are meant to be clear. However, sometimes the seals break and moisture seeps between the panes, like in the photo. It can look like a steamy buildup, or worse like a rainy day, and the amount of moisture can vary with the seasons. This may be quite noticeable, and will spell "work" to a potential buyer, so it is therefore worth replacing if you plan to sell.


Sell...ebrate Christmas!

Many people decorate for occasions like Christmas. When staging an occupied home, consider which takes precedence for the owner: to maintain traditions, or to sell? Their answer may depend on the urgency to move. Decorations are not forced on those who don't use them, but generally one wants to create an inviting atmosphere for the buyer, and a home totally void of decorations might seem a bit stark. Use tasteful, well-placed items such as a wreath, tree or accessory in main areas. Avoid overuse of lights and decorations so they do not distract from the property itself, and keep it simple so it is easy to un-stage after the holiday ends.

For What It's Worth

Most people own a few valuables, whether they are irreplaceable keepsakes or expensive belongings. Staging, showing, and selling your home results in a lot more rearranging and traffic than usual, which is important to consider for keeping your valuables safe. To reduce the risk of breakage, theft or loss during the selling process consider the following:

  1. Store or remove valuables prior to staging to avoid damage when rearranging furniture.
  2. Prepack them for the move so they are not displayed during open houses.
  3. Ensure they are adequately insured. Jewelry, for example, may only have limited coverage under your regular homeowners' insurance.