How To Sell A "Man Cave"

"Man cave" is a popular term for a room that features the hobbies and interests of the man of the house. But what happens when you are selling - is having a room arranged this way a selling feature or an obstacle?
Home staging differs sharply from home decorating in these cases. The lifestyle and needs of the owners are paramount when decorating, however when staging we first consider the interests of potential buyers, to attract them to purchase the house.
With this in mind, stagers typically return a room to its original purpose. So a family room, bedroom or garage set up as a 'man cave' would be staged to show its original use to potential buyers instead. And since we cannot predict what hobbies or teams buyers will like, sports collectibles are removed and pre-packed to be enjoyed in the owner's next home.
Before Staging: A fun 'mancave' area set up to watch sports and display team collectibles.
After Staging: The family room is returned to it's original purpose. Notice how the green rug accentuates the cork flooring, a selling feature of this home.