Foiled Again

It can be difficult to keep everything shiny in your home for sale while you live there. Although most people only spend a short time at the initial viewing, you don't want their eye drawn to unsightly areas. Stove tops can be particularly noticeable when grimy, and are blackened at once when something spills over and burns. A quick way to brighten a stovetop is to use disposable foil liners over the regular ones. These protect the drip pans and can be quickly replaced. The drip pans and rings themselves can also be replaced, which is more attractive than liners, but liners are very inexpensive and provide a quick solution.

Before: disposable insert is blackened

After: new foil insert replaces old one
Solution: Foil Insert


Stager On Holidays, Sort Of...

We recently stayed with an older gentleman who lives alone. He loves to read and wanted to display his sports trophies, but his books were piling up and his trophies as displayed, were hard to dust. He consented for us to organize a little. The purpose was not to sell or stage, just to lighten the workload for him and make space for our visit.
A solution was to introduce shelves for his books, and also the trophies. Although a closed unit with glass doors would keep dust off, we used an open unit to make the books very accessible. He was pleased with the changes, and also that the shelves fit on top of his cabinet which he wanted to keep for extra storage.