Photography For Staging

red deer home staging
Once staged, great photography makes a huge difference in the quality of your online photos. Most buyers today begin their search online, and use the pictures to narrow down the homes they will visit in person. The photo to the left was taken after dark with a 'point and shoot camera', and the flash is unable illuminate the room enough to show off the colors and dimensions. The photo below was taken with a digital SLR camera during the day. The lighting is better, the details are sharper, and a wide angle lens shows off more of this beautiful deer home staging


Timely Touch Ups

Sometimes it is not practical to make all the repairs needed to a property, such as replacing a scratched door. Scratches can be unsightly, and very noticeable when they are lighter than the original finish. To minimize their appearance, furniture touch up products are reasonably priced, and available in common colors. A filler may also be needed for deep scratches, but for light ones simply apply the product like a marker, starting with the lightest shades and blending to darken if needed. The scratch will still exist, but will be less noticeable.

Example of furniture touch up product.