Mixing Old With New

Older items have different lines, materials, features and uses than modern goods. When staging, consider the design more than feelings of nostalgia, which buyers may not share. To avoid making a house look dated (like "grandma's house"), don't feature items from the same time period when the house was built if it is several years old. (For example, shag carpet in a house built before the 1970's could look outdated, even if it was new). However, quaint features in an older home (such as glass doorknobs) can be appreciated if the furniture and decor is modern and appealing, so buyers can see it is by choice that the features are preserved. Similarly, an antique item showcased in a brand new home can add depth and interest to a room because it is unexpected.
An antique lamp displayed with some newer items.
Jewelry from the past (a lady bowling in a dress) on a new sweater.
Blonded wood, an eye catching stain technique from the 1950's.

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