'Hard To Get Rid Of' Water Stains

Hard water stains make a bathroom look grungy. Once they build up, many people use muscle and gritty cleaners to remove them, however there is an easier way. Acids break down hard water stains, and given a little time the stains will simply dissolve. Vinegar is a popular choice to use, but another green alternative is lemon juice which smells nice and works well. 
Simply saturate paper towel with lemon juice and place it over the stain. This helps it to cling, and keeps it wet longer. Let it dry, check the stain, and rewet again if necessary until the stain dissolves or loosens sufficiently to easily remove it. Although it requires time, it is easy and effective.
1. Before - a hard water stain.
2. Cover with paper towel, saturate with lemon juice overnight.
3. After - stain is removed, silicone remains.

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