Staging With "Fluffy" (Name Changed to Protect The Innocent)

As a cat owner, it's hard to imagine your cat being anything but adorable. When it comes to staging, however, they do pose challenges. Here are a few to consider:
  • Fur - hairballs, shedding, and buyers with allergies ... need I say more?
  • Claws - If you want to rent furniture or accessories to enhance your property, you will be liable for any damages such as scratch marks.
  • Litterbox - well, at least they USE a litterbox, but these can pose an unattractive problem due to smells, tracked litter, and - let's face it - litter boxes just aren't pretty.
Do consider these issues when staging. A house may be the most expensive personal item you ever sell, so it pays to get the maximum value by making it very attractive to buyers. Finding an alternate location for your cat(s) during open houses, and perhaps until you sell, might be a worthwhile investment.


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  2. Hi, I think the article you are looking for is called "Wake Up A Room With ... Coffee!" This solution is a quick temporary fix for airborne odors, including cigarettes. To find it just check below in Blog Archive: October and click on the title.