"Out Damn'd Spot!, Out, I Say!"

Pet stain before
This famous quote makes me wonder if Lady MacBeth had dogs. They can certainly be a source of unwanted spots! Here are two clean and green products that are very effective at removing stains from carpets.

The first is club soda. Look for a brand that only contains carbonated water and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), because extra ingredients reduce its effectiveness for cleaning. Schweppes brand works well.  Just spray on, then absorb with a towel as the stain disappears, it's that easy.

After removal with club soda
However, some carpets do not enable club soda to work, because the weave holds in moisture and spreads the stain instead. For these, hydrogen peroxide 3% may work better. You can spray it on and leave it to dry, and it will begin to fade the stain immediately.  However the fading action may also change the colour of some carpets, so test first on an inconspicuous area. If only Lady MacBeth had known, it also works quite well on blood!

Pet stain on woven carpet - before.
Pet stain immediately after hydrogen peroxide 3% applied.

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